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Herbal Remedies, Treatments & Relief

Our medications and supplements range includes Herbal Remedies, Treatments & Relief for a variety of health conditions, aliments, diseases and disorders:

A - Remedies

Abdominal discomfort:   Sily Marum (REQ)
Acne:  Acne clear  |  Intervene Herbal
ADD | ADHD:  Combikids
Aids Support:  Intervene Herbal
Alkalinity:  Intervene Herbal
Allergies:  Intervene Herbal
Antiseptic Bacterial:  Intervene Herbal
Anxiety:  Stress Ease
Arthritis:  Arthritis Relief  |  Intervene Herbal
Asthmatic conditions:  Bronchi Clear  |  Jimson Weed

C - Remedies

Cancer (All types):  Intervene Herbal  |  ArtumOxy
Cancer (Skin):  Intervene Herbal  |  ArtumOxy  |  (Cancer Milk Weed – REQ)
Cancer (Brain):  Intervene Herbal
Cancer (during & after) Chemotherapy: Detox  |  Intervene Herbal  |  ArtumOxy
Candida:  Intervene Herbal
Chlamydia:  Intervene Herbal
Cholesterol:  Cynara
Cirrhosis: Liver Ease
Clarity:  Combikids
Cold sores:  Intervene Herbal  or  Ulcerite Powder
Colds: AnnuCap  |  Intervene Herbal
Concentration:  Combikids  or  (Comblocol – REQ)
Cramps:  Bella Balm (short term)  |  Intervene Herbal (long term)
Crohn’s disease:  Probiotic (REQ)
Cuts:  Calendula Ointment (REQ)

F | G | H - Remedies

Flu:  AnnuCap  |  Intervene Herbal
Focus:  Combikids
Fungal killer:  Intervene Herbal
Glaucoma:  Intervene Herbal
Gout:  Intervene Herbal
Gum ulcers:  Intervene Herbal  |  Ulcerite Powder
Hangover:  Combikids
Heart disorders:  Intervene Herbal
Heart disorders: (Blood flow):  Heart-Ease
Heart disorders: (Inflammation/infections/detox):  ArtumOxy
Heart disorders: (Liver detox):  Liver Ease
Heart disorders: (Stabilise heart):  Digitalis X6 (REQ)
Heart disorders:(strengthens heart):  Heart-Ease
Heart disorders: (Stress):  Heart-Ease
Heart disorders: (water retention):  Tarraximin
Hepatitis:  Liver Ease or Sily Marum (REQ)
Herpes treatment:  Intervene Herbal
High blood pressure:  Tarraximin  |  Heart Ease
HIV:  Intervene Herbal

L | M | N - Remedies

Lipids:  Cynara
Liver conditions:  Liver Ease or Sily Marum (powder) (REQ)
Lowers blood sugar:  Cynara
Malaria:  AnnuCap (preventative & treatment)  |  Intervene Herbal
Malta-fever:  AnnuCap
Memory:  Ceraflow Caps
Memory (short term):  Comblocol (REQ) or Combikids
Meniére’s Syndrome:  Ceraflow Caps
Migraines & Headaches:  Ceraflow Caps
Mouth sores & Ulcers:  Ulcerite Powder  |  Intervene Herbal
Nappy rash:  Calendula Ointment (REQ)
Neuralgic pain:  Intervene Herbal

O | P | Q | R - Remedies

Parkinson’s relief:  Intervene Herbal
pH Balance:  Intervene Herbal
Phlegm from airways (clear):  Bronchi Clear | AnnuCap (Anti-viral / bacterial)
Pimples:  Acne clear
Poor digestion (discomfort):  Probiotic (REQ)
Probiotic:  Probiotic (REQ)
Prostate disorders:  Intervene Herbal | Prostate Ease
Prostate (enlarged):  Prostate Ease
Psoriasis:  Intervene Herbal
Relaxant:  Sleep Ease  |  Stress Ease
Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS):  Ceraflow Caps &/or Stress Ease  |  Intervene Herbal
Rheumatism (Pain relieve):  Intervene Herbal  |  Comfrey Ointment (REQ)

T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z- Remedies

TB (Tuberculosis):  Intervene Herbal  |  AnnuCap
Tick fever:  AnnuCap
Toxic blood:  Detox Caps  |  Intervene Herbal
Toxins:  Detox Caps  |  Intervene Herbal  |  Liver Ease
Tumours:  Intervene Herbal
Urinary Infection:  Intervene Herbal
Urine (poor flow):  Prostate Ease
Varicose veins (painful):  Varicvein Relief
Vertigo:  Ceraflow Caps
Viral infections:  Intervene Herbal  |  AnnuCap
Water retention:  Tarraximin
Wounds external:  Intervene Herbal  |  Calendula Ointment (REQ)
Yeast infection:  Intervene Herbal
Yellow Jaundice: Liver Ease

B - Remedies

Back pain:  Intervene Herbal
Bacterial infections:  Intervene Herbal
Bilharzia:  AnnuCap  |  Intervene Herbal
Bladder infection:  AnnuCap  |  Intervene Herbal
Bloatedness caused by poor liver function:  Sily Marum (REQ)
Bloating:  Bella Balm  |  Intervene Herbal
Blood circulation:  Ceraflow Caps
Blood circulation in legs:  Ceraflow Caps
Blood infection:  Detox Caps  |  Intervene Herbal
Blood sugar regulator:  ImmunoPro
Blood sugar (High):  Cynara
Blurred Eye Vision:  Intervene Herbal
Bronchitis:  Bronchi Clear
Bruises:  Comfrey Ointment (REQ)
Burn wounds relieve:  Calendula Ointment (REQ)

D | E - Remedies

Dementia:  Ceraflow Caps
Detox:  Detox Caps  |  Intervene Herbal
Diabetes:  ImmunoPro  |  Intervene Herbal
Digestive bloating:  Sily Marum (REQ)
Eczema:  Cynara  |  Intervene Herbal
Eczema severe:  Eczema Relief (REQ)  |  Intervene Herbal
Emphysema:  Bronchi Clear  |  Intervene Herbal  |  Jimson Weed
Endocrine deficiency:  Endocryne restorer (REQ)

I | J | K - Remedies

IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome):  HPP Probiotic (REQ)
Immune booster:  Intervene Herbal  |  ImmunoPro
Infections:  Intervene Herbal  |  AnnuCap
Infections of the intestines:  AnnuCap  |  Intervene Herbal
Infections (severe):  ArtumOxy  |  Intervene Herbal
Inflammation:  Intervene Herbal
Inflammation (severe):  ArtumOxy  |  Intervene Herbal
Insect bites:  Skin Ointment (REQ)  |  Intervene Herbal
Insomnia: Stress Ease
Jaundice:  Liver Ease
Joint pain:  Intervene Herbal
Kidney infections:   AnnuCap  |  Intervene Herbal

S - Remedies

Scaring:  Intervene Herbal Septic Ulcers:  Intervene Herbal Sinusitis:  Intervene Herbal  |  Liver Ease Sinusitis (severe):  Intervene Herbal  |  Sily Marum (REQ) Skin Acne:  Intervene Herbal  |  Acne Clear Skin Blemishes:  Intervene Herbal  |  Skin Ointment (REQ) Skin infections (rashes):  Intervene Herbal Sleep disorders:  Stress Ease  |  Sleep Ease (REQ) Sores:  Intervene Herbal Spastic colon:  Probiotic (REQ)  |  Hydro Colon Therapy (REQ) Spider Bites:  Intervene Herbal  |  Skin Ointment (REQ) Sprains:  Intervene Herbal  |  Comfrey Ointment STD’s (All types):  Intervene Herbal Stomach bloating:  Sily Marum (REQ) Stomach ulcers:  Bella Balm  |  Intervene Herbal Stress relief:  Stress Ease Strokes:  Ceraflow Caps Study Supplement:  Combikids Sun burn spots:  Skin Ointment (REQ) Sunburn relief:  Calendula Ointment (REQ) Swelling relief:  Intervene Herbal