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ArtumOxy Kids


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ArtumOxy Kids – Organic Anti-Cancer properties.

ArtumOxy Kids is a chemical free, natural way to assist patients that is or has received chemo therapy, in fighting cancer.

ArtumOxy Kids – Organic Anti-Cancer properties gets achieved by the high concentrate of active ingredient called Artemisinin in each capsule (more than 40mg). It takes more than 25kg of fresh Artemisia Annua plants to produce one ArtumOxy Kids bottle of 0.03g.

Artemisinin was registered and patented as a cancer treatment back in 2002. The anti-cancer success rate of ArtumOxy Kids derives from the High Oxygen radical absorbance capacity (ORAC). The free oxygen molecules in Artemisinin, oxidises the iron that accumulates around the nucleolus of the cancer cell causing the cancer cell to die.

Important notice:
Once the cancer cells die
, it releases the iron that was accumulated back into the bloodstream. As soon as the iron levels in the blood becomes higher than the levels around the cancer cells, ArtumOxy Kids starts to focus more on the iron in the blood than on the cancer cells. This predicament normally takes place after the second month of treatment and to resolve it we suggest using Liver Ease by the third month to secrete the access iron from the body and restore the focus to the cancer cells.

Contains: Artemisia Annua.

Directions for use:
1 x Scoop three times a day (weight 10kg +)
2 x Scoops three times a day (weight 20kg +)

Please keep in mind that treatments may vary dependent on the origin/cause of your particular condition; so be sure to view our Remedies / Cancersection for best results on combined treatments.
Feel free to request assistance towards the correct treatments and to ensure the best solution for your condition.