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HIV Aids

Intervene Herbal is a Herbal remedy that may provide Aids support for HIV Aids infected clients.

Aids supportIt is important to note that Intervene Herbal is not a medication but consists of natural herbal oil extracts with a primary function that may remove all harmful viruses and bacteria from the body. Intervene does not provide the natural minerals that your body requires, but rather potentially builds up the immune system.

If an HIV Aids patient is currently on antiretroviral (ARVs) treatment it is best to use Intervene in conjunction with the current medication to possibly achieve the best results. Only once a patients test results are proven negative then he/she can discontinue the ARV treatment.

There is unfortunately no way for us to test whether this supplement, eradicated the HIV virus completely from the system, however we have experienced numerous cases where the virus was rendered so low that it was undetectable with in a time period of three to four months.

Suggested dosages for HIV Aids support:
Note: For best results, it is imperative that this supplements gets taken periodically as per the suggested dosage listed below.

25ml morning – Estimated on 6 bottle/s per month
25ml evening
for a time period of 3 x months; Once a person tests negative for the particular disease he/she should continue with a general maintenance plane of 1 x bottle per month to maintain the optimum immune balance.

(See product for directions of use).

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