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Consult us to determine the correct solution against Emphysema.

In most instances both these herbal products Intervene herbal and Bronchi Clear might be required.

Bronchi Clear is an effective, side effect free, medicinal herb for clearing excessive quantities of phlegm from the respiratory passages, bronchi and lungs; effective enough to relief emphysema.

Intervene herbal assists the immune system and help eradicate bacteria to reduce emphysema. A natural herbal product that reduces additional ailments caused by emphysema. Many of pharmaceutical drugs prescribed, works by weakening your immune system, Intervene will rebuild the immune during the assistance period.

It’s good to get a Nebulizer (for immediate relieve – use saline water not  cortisone) or humidifier for long tern use.

Additional products that might be required due to the effects of emphysema and the side effects caused by chemical medication prescribed could include:

Heart Ease to counter the side effects of pharmaceutical medication.
(In severe cases of heart damage a patient might require Digitalis X6)

Tarraximin – for water retention often caused by the condition and or pharmaceutical drugs.

Jimson Weed – Asthma Cigarettes provides fast for Asthmatic and Respiratory Conditions.

ArtumOxy – anti inflammatory (required in severe cases only)

It is imperative to understand that sudden discontinuation of some of the pharmaceutical medication can be fatal.

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