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We offer 3 possible effective, natural herbal remedies that may assist with Diabetes 1 or 2 without the undesirable side effects.

DiabetesCynara – may control blood sugar by regulating the liver functions.

ImmunoPro – May Reduce Diabetes by storing sugar and carbohydrates after it’s been digested, in tissue and then gradually releasing it into the blood stream. This may eliminate irregular blood sugar levels and potentially benefits both level 1 and 2 diabetics.

Intervene Herbal – May detoxify the system with a formula of essential oil extracts, reduce Diabetes by cleansing, regulating and rejuvenating the body while it may potentially help balance your bodies PH levels and optimize your health.

We would like to suggest that you consult us to determine the correct approach and remedy for your particular condition.



Directions for use:

Intervene should be taken at least one hour before or after meals during prayer.
Mixed with a glass of room temperature water or pure natural squeezed juice (not concentrated flavoured drinks or carbonated drinks!)
Keep refrigerated after opened / shake well before use.
Best before use date, once opened – 30 days (Shelf life – 1 year).



 1st (Initial) month includes:

Intervene Herbal  – Detox 30ml per day – 15ml in the morning and 15ml at night time (3 x Bottles in total).

ImmunoPro – 1 to 2 x capsule/s per day.

Your current medication – Please continue with your current medication for a time period of 5 days in conjunction with the new supplements.

On the 6th day, discontinue your current medication whilst monitoring your diabetes closely;

If your system still required your current medication, half the dosage for the next five days and see if it accommodates your system.

Where after you can try to discontinue it again after ten days.

If needed, repeat this process until you are satisfied with the results.

2nd or 3rd Month (25 days after commencing with the new treatment or once your system is balanced and functions correctly for more than 15 days, without the assistance of your old medications (with the help of Intervene and ImmunoPro only);

Reduce your ImmunoPro dosage to 1 capsule per day (if applicable) or,

Try to discontinue ImmunoPro; please be sure to monitor your condition closely during this phase; and have your ImmunoPro and old medication (only when needed) on standby at all times. If not successful, continue with ImmunoPro for 10 days, try to discontinue again.

Once successful, feel free to use ImmunoPro when required.

Once our system is balances without the assistance of  ImmunoPro and for longer than 15 days, try to reduce your  Intervene dosage to 10ml per day.

Monitor your condition closely during this phase; if needed, repeat this process until you are satisfied with the results.


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