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Acne & Pimples

Acne & Pimples remedies listed at the bottom of this page…
Feel free to consult us direct if you are uncertain of the solution best suited to assist with our particular condition.

For severe cases of Acne & Pimples and fast relief, we suggest using Acne Clear, an effective short term solution for this ailment.

Directions of use: 1 capsule per day

If you are looking for a more permanent long term solution the ideal way to approach this Acne & Pimples is to Detox and correct the bodies alkaline levels & PH balance with Intervene Herbal.

Suggested dosage: Detox – 30ml per day for a time period of 1 month (3 bottles of Intervene)
(See product for directions of use).

Additional: Apply Intervene twice daily on infected skin areas. For easy application, use a cotton wool or mix it with coconut butter / Vaseline / natural shin cream.

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