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RLS Medications is an South African Alternative Herbal Treatments Distributor
for a variety of reliable and affordable organic medicines and supplements.RLS Medications Logo

All our products produced*, at our farm in Hartbeespoort, are organically grown, harvested and naturally dried under ideal conditions. Only natural plant essence are extracted using the most efficient, non-chemical methods. Ethanol is obtained from our locally grown maize plantation and distilled through our one of a kind, custom manufactures distiller ensures a 96% plant extract grade. This hygienic, meticulously monitored process results in the highest and purest quality of alternative herbal treatments with a safe and effective success rate.

*(With the exception to the ingredients of Intervene Herbal) The ingredients of Intervene Herbal gets imported from across the world. Our suppliers provide the highest quality of uncontaminated, pesticide and GMO free essential oils to ensure the best possible results for all remedies.

Our alternative herbal treatments and supplements includes a list of

over 100 Remedies

/ treatments for a variety of health conditions, aliments, chronic life threatening diseases and disorders;
from Anti-Cancer products, Diabetes relieve, multiple solutions against Restless Legs Syndrome,
RLS Medications has even got a product that has been known to render HIV Aids CD4 count lower than detectable within 4 months.

It is important to understand that our supplements can’t cure all ailments, take for instance our Alternative Cancer Treatment range, the success rate varies and gets effected by pharmaceutical chemicals. However it is reassuring to know that we have had numerous case where clients have beaten all types of cancer within three to four months.

Just the other day I spoke lady, she had stage 4 breast & Lung Cancer, the Dr. gave her 3 months to live.
Only 2 months later I interviewed her,  and by then she managed to completely eradicate all traces of Cancer, the test came back clean!
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God said “and the leaves of the trees were for the healing of the nations…”


The most amazing thing is that she did this with ONE of our products Intervene Herbal. For more details of this PRODUCT OF THE MONTH click here…


Intervene is a nutritional supplement
which kills bacteria and cleanses
the body and blood of toxins.

This formula of Anti-cancer essential oils
 cleanses, regulates and rejuvenates you
while helping to balance your body
and optimize your health.

It consists of pure organic essential oils
that has proven itself as a powerful
Antiseptic Bacterial, Anti Viral and
Fungal killer which supports the body,
detoxifies the blood
 without undesirable side effects.





* Result may vary.
RLS Medications states that neither our selves nor any of our distributors are medical professionals; we do not diagnose or give medical advice. We only warrant that our products are 100% natural and non toxic. We make no claims about their efficacy but do record what they have done for people, whose testimonies speak for themselves. Every effort is made to corroborate these testimonies and if there is any doubt they are not recorded on the web site. We do not advocate that anybody ceases taking medication prescribed to them by their Doctors until they are advised by their GP or choose to by themselves. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and these materials and products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. RLS Medications / Intervene Herbal takes no responsibility for the side effects caused by conventional cancer treatments including chemo therapy or radiation, when using Intervene and or any other supplements supplied by RLS Medication to assist against cancer. Consult your supplier for correct directions of use.

Regards RLS Medications

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Return Policy:

At RLS Medications client satisfaction is a high priority. Our team strive to accommodate each client to the best of their ability and aim to achieve the highest success rate possible. Based on these business ethics RLS Medications guarantees a full refund (with in three months) on any sealed stock purchased directly from the distribution centre.